Essence Fest 2016 (What It Is)

I had the privilege of experiencing Essence magazine’s Essence Fest for the second time this past 4th of July weekend. It was simply everything. I saw some of my favorite artists perform like Mariah Carey, Babyface, and a new favorite, Jidenna. Yet, anybody who really knows me knows that seeing the one and only Maxwell perform again (my first time was back in 2009) and posing next to him for a picture just made not only my weekend, but my entire life. He epitomizes real musicianship, style, class, soul, and individuality in a way that is breathtaking to me. I’m still in shock that I was standing right next to him even if for only a few seconds!

Even though I’m a huge fan of Essence Fest and hope to attend as many times as I can while there is breath in my body, I understand how it could look to the highly critical among us, being that I’m one of them. There were times when I waited in line after line at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center during the humid, NOLA days when I wondered if it was all worth the hype. Was it all just a series of marketing ploys and self-promotion? There were celebrities autographing recent book and CD-releases. There were vendors selling all types of wares and southern-styled meals. There were major hair and beauty brands giving away samples—ranging from small trial-sized packets to full-sized bottles of products. Sure, there were various empowerment stages, speeches, and sessions but were all of those amazing messages drowned out in a sea of marketing and consumerism? Was there really more lying beneath the surface of superficiality?

You bet your bottom dollar there was! Let me breakdown exactly what Essence Fest is…

Essence Fest is drinking a cool glass of lemonade on a blazing summer day (the Beyoncé brand).

It is that gentle breeze underneath your sundress when you’re drenched in sweat.

It is what it feels like to come home (the Diana Ross in “The Wiz” version).

Where else on earth can you go to find hundreds of melanin-drenched people in one place where it’s not only acceptable, but required to embrace the uniqueness and beauty of African American culture? Where you can eat as much fried chicken, collard greens, and peach cobbler as you want without the guilt of feeling like a stereotype? Where there is no doubt that black lives always and will forever matter? In fact, the question is redundant because it’s a given. Essence Fest is a type of nirvana for African American women where everything about them—their unique experiences, interests, goals, passions, and beauty—are all validated, celebrated, appreciated, and understood.

Although I left Essence Fest 2015 rejuvenated as well, I experienced a whole other level of appreciation for the event this year because of the many changes in my life and in my own personal development over the past year. I have been brought down to the ashes of the person I once was after losing my son and dealing with other struggles in my personal life, but Essence Fest 2016 has given me even more courage to hand my ashes over to God in order to become reborn like a golden, blonde-haired phoenix (check out the new “do”).

13606816_10102136852647350_1503668861340104304_n (1)

Chilling poolside on the rooftop of the Ace Hotel and having some amazing conversation on a day off from the hustle and bustle of Essence Fest events!



What do you say to someone whose concert may be the reason why you and your spouse got married? You say the obvious, “I love your music so much!” and just cheese really hard.



Uncle Charlie never disappoints and he almost bought me a $400,000 car! :-O



The “My Black is Beautiful” booth gave away full-sized hair products, t-shirts, and printed photographs for those patient enough to wait in line for them.



I loved everything about Jidenna when the “Classic Man” first came on the seen, but I have an even greater appreciation for him and his music after seeing him live in the intimate Ford “Hot Right Now” superlounge at the Superdome!



Bishop T.D. Jakes talked about his upcoming talk show and almost started preaching before he stopped himself short! I don’t think anybody would’ve minded him going on, especially me. His ministry kept me going on many’a rough days recently!




I loved the random celebrity sightings at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. Eric Benet just strolled through with a few members of his crew/security.




I grew up loving Mariah Carey’s music and Mimi did not disappoint. There was nothing like singing along to her hits and watching her in all her “diva-ness.”



Another take-away from my Essence Fest weekend was a determination to finally check out Omari Hardwick in “Power.” The show was highly recommended by a new NOLA friend and even compared to “The Wire” so I’m intrigued.

Vision Boards: Planning Your Year and Beyond

A couple of days ago, I re-read Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson M.D. The first time I read it was in my eighth grade reading class. My teacher, Mr. Enri, had us read the book as a class and discuss it. (Mr. Enri if you happen to read this, know that you will always be one of my favorite teachers!) At that time, I understood the importance of the story, but now, after more life experience filled with many ups and downs, it really clicks.

It's a really quick read.

It’s a really quick read.

The story centers around “Cheese,” which is really what each of us wants out of life. One person’s “Cheese” might be a nice house and rewarding career, while someone else’s could be spiritual and mental peace. In the story, four characters search for their “Cheese” through a maze. The readers learn many simple lessons about life in the process, of which I hope to unpack a few in future posts so stay tuned.

However, what I want to focus on today is the importance of visualizing your goals. This helps to keep you motivated while moving towards them. One of the “littlepeople” of the story, Haw, does this on his search for “New Cheese.” He imagines himself eating his favorite cheeses, which makes him more optimistic about reaching his goal.

We can gain a lot of momentum in our journey through life by picturing ourselves reaching our goals in our minds. Yet, sometimes it’s even more inspiring to have a physical representation of our goals and desires to help us stay focused as well.

I’ve decided to create a vision board to look at each day to keep all of the “New Year, New Me” momentum going well past February 😋 I’m hoping that having something that I can physically look at will help me on those days when I’m feeling discouraged.

For those of you in need of where to start with creating your own vision board, look no further because the popped black woman is here to help.

You will need a few basic things: a piece of cardboard/some other kind of sturdy base, a couple of old magazines, a pair of scissors, and some tape, and maybe some music and/or wine to get you excited about visually planning out your new adventures for the year and beyond.

Don't worry. I didn't touch the Obama section.

Don’t worry. I didn’t touch the Obama section.

Here’s how to get started:

1) Use what you got.
There’s no need to go out and buy a fancy poster board. We’re all watching our pockets these days after all. I cut out the side of a cardboard box that I had laying around the house to use as the actual vision board.

It was waiting to be trashed.

It was waiting to be trashed.

2) Cut pictures and words/quotes out of old magazines.
I love Essence magazine for this project. There was a time not too long ago when I had boxes of old Essence magazines from years ago stored in a closet in our apartment. Eventually, my husband convinced me to throw most of them out, but I still had a few to use for inspirational photos and phrases.

You can choose pictures and words that may not have obvious meanings, but they could represent certain things that only you can understand. You can be as candid as you feel comfortable.

3) Tape the photos and words to your board.
I fold regular off-brand “Scotch” tape to the back of the paper so that you can’t actually see any tape when looking at the board. That’s just a personal preference since I think it would look kinda elementary school-ish to see pieces of tape everywhere. Also, I like to layer the pictures close together at different angles so you barely see any card board in the background. That’s just a personal preference as well.

Partially finished. Can I just say that Ms. Serena is looking fierce as usual?

That’s all folks! It’s really that simple. Take pics of your vision boards and send them my way via Twitter or share your thoughts below. Keep it! 😉