Do You Too Love/Hate Facebook?


Now this selfie is true to life, bad lighting and all 😉

Like many people these days, I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I love the ability to connect with people near and far, as well as the ability to catch up with people from back in the day along with new acquaintances and friends. I also love all the news and positive information I get from various pages that I “liked.” However, my hate for Facebook sometimes overshadows my love for it and I just have to back away. One of the things on my little “Things That I Hate About Facebook” list is how it makes me want to compare myself, situation, friendships, family, and just life in general to other people’s perfectly fake selves, situations, friendships, families, and lives. Sometimes Facebook is just bad for my mental health. Most of the time you don’t see the struggle or pain behind the selfies, check-ins, and party pics. And it just leaves me like “well $&@!” and I want to run off and cry in a corner.

Lately, I’ve been trying to step back from Facebook and dig into the Word for encouragement. It’s probably the only thing that has been keeping me semi-sane these past few weeks. While I’m sure I’ll always have my questions about certain aspects of the Bible because my understanding is so limited being a mere human, I absolutely get and relate to the many people portrayed in the Bible that seem to be just like me in so many ways. I stumbled on these verses below from John 21:

Peter turned and saw the disciple whom Jesus loved following them, the one who also had leaned back against him during the supper and had said, “Lord, who is it that is going to betray you?” When Peter saw him, he said to Jesus, “Lord, what about this man?” Jesus said to him, “If it is my will that he remain until I come, what is that to you? You follow me!” (‭John‬ ‭21‬:‭20-22‬ ESV)

I love how Peter seems to be just like me. He barely had his on ish together with Jesus after denying him 3 times not too long ago, yet he had the nerve to ask Jesus about another disciple’s situation. Even better is Jesus’ response which pretty much seems to be mind your business and make sure YOU follow me.

Like Peter, I can’t be worried about what God is doing in someone else’s life. I have to make sure that I am following where He leads me. Constantly comparing my path to someone else’s doesn’t get me any closer to where I need to go. If anything, it only holds me up. Can anyone else relate to the need to keep their nose on their own side of the fence in order to tend their own garden? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook (yeah I know…). Stay positively optimistic and powerful folks 😉