Let’s Not Get Serious

Even though it still feels like summer and won’t technically be fall until September 23rd, I think cool breezes, pumpkin patches, and autumn leaves are on everyone’s mind this week. The start of September means Labor Day weekend is coming up. Better fire up that grill while you can! Plus the last batch of kids are going back to school soon if they haven’t already. I don’t have any kids in school yet, but I’m oh so ready for the kids near where I live to be at the school house all day, ya feel me.

I’d been feening for summer long before it arrived, but now I’m at peace with cherishing the summer memories that were made and I’m ready to embrace the beauty of fall. In addition to looking forward to all the fall activities that I get to do with my now 2 years old, L-Boog, I’m also getting a little anxious about my bday in October. I’m really getting into these late 20 years and while it’s a little scary, I’m also full of anticipation. I’m curious about all that good ish that’s supposed to happen in your 30s—you’re supposed to be more stable, more comfortable with who you are, or something like that—but I’m in no way trying to hurry it along!

I love to reflect on how I’ve changed and grown over the years during my birthday season. Lately, I’ve been thinking about how important it is not to take myself too seriously and to learn to brush those awkward/uncomfortable/”what just happened?” moments off right after they happen instead of looking back and having a pity party. I definitely enjoy being silly and relaxed when I’m in my element with my besties, but more often than not I would say I’m more serious-natured or intense. Blame it on my Scorpio-ness. (Um, did I mention that Scorpio season is coming up? Just wanna make that clear.) However, I’m getting better and better at this as the years roll by, but I will say it’s a lot easier to laugh at my old self than the me I am today, but I’m getting there.

One time of my life that I have no problem laughing at is my phase of beauty/fashion experimentation during college. Man, oh man the pictures I could show. Like most people, I came to college ready to try new things and experiment when it came to my appearance. I went natural. I got a nose piercing. I coordinated thrift store/co-op jackets with most of my outfits. And…cue the music…I made my own wigs. Gasp! This would not be a big deal if I was creatively-inclined when it comes to things like that. I’m not the worst with hair, but let’s just say I don’t think I should try to do hair professionally…at all. I would watch countless YouTube videos of girls making wigs and thought “I can do that!” Did it, I did.

Why do I look like I should be at the casino instead of a college dance?! This thing made me look twice my age...smh

Why do I look like I should be at the casino instead of a college dance?! This thing made me look twice my age…smh

Thank God that one of my apartment-mates/besties was really into hair and could make some of the horrible wigs I made look decent-looking. I still crack up to this day when I see certain pictures of myself wearing one of those wigs in college. I think to myself, “Wtf was wrong with me?!” It feels good to laugh about my beauty and fashion faux pas now, but I probably would’ve burst into tears back then if someone said something about them.

Hey, it’s true that you live and you learn. As I countdown to my bday, I’m grateful to God for the entire part of my journey up until this point—the good, the bad, and the hilarious. All the mistakes and blunders I’ve made so far (whether physically, socially, or professionally) have made me who I am today no matter how cliché it sounds. I’m just glad that nothing was so tragic that God’s mercy couldn’t cover it and that I can shake my head and laugh at it now.

Do you find it easy to laugh at yourself and keep it moving? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook!

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