How to Have a Great Day

Maybe most of you are so positively optimistic & powerful that you have a fantastic day every day. That is wonderful! You deserve a round of applause and a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie because I don’t know how you do it! You need not read any further. Just leave comments on how you manage to radiate rainbows and sunshine all the time because the rest of us would love to know!

For those few people, like me, who have to work hard at getting and keeping those positive vibes going, I want to share with you a few things I’ve noticed about my best days. Please do share your own tips in the comments or on Facebook because I could always use help here!

  1. Get rid of your expectations.

This one is huge for me. I realize that when I am able to let go of all of those expectations about what someone else should do, how an event should turn out, or how I’m supposed to look in that dress, I feel so much better about life! Expectations that are too high, unrealistic, or simply out of our control do nothing while we’re on our quest to have a great day. They only cause us to feel disappointed when things don’t turn out quite as we planned. Get rid of those expectations!

2. Refuse to say anything negative or refuse to “have words” with anyone else.

I swear on those days that my husband and I say to each other, “Look here. No bs today. We’re gonna have a good day,” we actually don’t have bs and really do have a good day. Sometimes it just takes being aware of our not-so-great habits and making a conscious effort to change them to make progress. We can’t always control the random thoughts that pop up in our heads, but we can control the words that come out of our mouths. By choosing to only say the positive things that we think, we just end up spreading positivity everywhere and keep those good vibes flowing.

3. Be grateful.

A few people I'm grateful for :)

A few people I’m grateful for 🙂

Yeah you hear it everywhere these days and it kinda sounds hokey, but I absolutely can’t deny that reminding myself to be grateful for the things that are going right instead of harping on the things that are going wrong really helps me stay in my p.o.p. zone. When we’re complaining, even if it’s only in our heads, we forget that there really are people that are praying for the things/situations that we consider problems. Although it’s the last thing I want to hear when I’m having a moment, it’s true that it really could always be worse. If simply thinking about the things you are grateful for isn’t enough, try writing a list or actually saying aloud to yourself or someone else what you’re grateful for. It really can do wonders.

Just a little something I’ve been thinking about as I strive to have as many great days as I can. Sometimes we just have to let ourselves feel the weight of whatever we’re going through by venting or being in our feelings for a minute, but other times, I think these three tips can come in handy for the day-to-day funkiness that can try to steal our joy. Remember to share your tips! Have a great Monday and an even better week 😉

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7 thoughts on “How to Have a Great Day

  1. The Mommy Behind The Pen says:

    Oops… accidentally hit enter before completing my comment. Everything you said is so on point, but 2 and 3 really resonate with me. It is so hard for me to bite my tongue sometimes. I am constantly reminding myself to “put a lid on it.” Each day I try to think of what I am grateful for, instead of reminding myself of what I don’t have.

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