The Power of Vulnerability

Hello lovely popped people!

My New Journal :)

My New Journal 🙂

I know that it has been a long time and I don’t have any very good reason for my long absence except that I had to leave this blog alone to get my mind right. Although my mind is still not completely right, I feel like I’m at a place where I can bring you all along on my journey to living the best positively optimistic & powerful life that I can live. I’ve decided to start journaling again to help me sort through the cobwebs of my mind and to help me focus on obtaining inner peace and self-love. As a part of my new recommitment to journaling (the reasons why I stopped journaling would make a great blog post for another time), I will try to do/read/hear/watch something every day (or every other day) that uplifts and encourages me whether it’s a Bible verse, encouraging podcast, or TED talk.

Today, I watched this great TED talk by Brené Brown called “The Power of Vulnerability.” This talk caught my attention because man ole man do I struggle with being vulnerable. I feel guarded from practically everyone in one way or another so much so that I realize it’s getting in the way of achieving some of the things that I want most out of life, primarily the feeling of belonging. For the longest time, I viewed my fear of vulnerability as simply self-preservation (as well as chalked it up to being a suspicious Scorpio) but now I feel, quite bluntly, that the bullshit has to stop. While I had little control over the circumstances that caused me to have some of my hang-ups, as an adult, I have to take ownership of my mess and put in whatever work it takes, including learning to be more vulnerable, in order to attain healing.

Check out Brené Brown and “The Power of Vulnerability” and let me know if it hits home for you!

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