Feelin’ the Classic Man

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

So I don’t know about you all, but I’ve been on some chill ish lately. I’m all about keeping drama/negativity to a minimum and all about cool vibes right now.

Besides getting my crafty creative juices flowing by making my first batch of homemade lotion last weekend, I’ve been vibe-ing out to the music from the artists of Janelle Monae’s Wondaland Records music label–a “for artists by artists” record label. I was a little late getting acquainted to the awesomeness that is Janelle Monae, but now that I’m in the mix, I can’t get enough.

I especially can’t get enough of one of the newcomers under this music label, Jidenna. It’s one thing that his new single makes me want to dance in my seat, but I think that anytime we see a black man that’s talented, smart, and socially-conscious get some mainstream attention in the music world, there’s cause for twerkin’. He’s got this old school meets new school feel that I love. Plus he can flow and he graduated from Stanford University–he’s lucky I’m married. I love that his “Classic Man” style shows our youth a different image of black masculinity that’s cool, confident, and classy.

Check out his “Classic Man” video featuring Roman GianArthur below.

Doesn’t that video make you wish you were getting turnt at that party? Give me a party where you can let your hair down and not end up on the nine o’clock news and I’m there. I also just love the scene when he takes the teenagers that are about to get arrested back to school. Yasss. I appreciate the message about taking an interest in our youth and showing them a better way.

To get another taste of Jidenna’s rapping chops, check out this live video for his song, “Long Live the Chief.” One of the highlights from this video is definitely the line “Can’t spell but we know our instagrammar.” Preach. We all know our youth are on the struggle these days and I think more images of artists like Jidenna and Monae in mainstream music can be at least a small part of the solution.

Let me know your thoughts on Jidenna and this movement to spotlight more variety in the mainstream Pop/R&B/Hip-hop/Trap genres in the comments or on Facebook.

And because I love my popped people, I’m gonna throw in the epic new single by Ms. Monae featuring the “Classic Man” himself for your viewing pleasure. Get some “Yoga” in your life if you haven’t already 😉

4 thoughts on “Feelin’ the Classic Man

  1. ModernDayKay says:

    Thanks for the request! Anyways when he said “I don’t want my best dressed days to be in a casket” I had to sit upright and turn the brightness on my screen up. I watched the “Classic Man” video when it had under 100k views and thought the song was hot and needs to blow up! I kinda still feel some type of way about the red/browness of his perm because Idk I’m weird. Hopefully HOPEFULLY this generation will start mimicking his style because ya know it’s nice to not see a dude’s draws and see nothing but jewelry (real or fake) hanging from their neck. Great post, love the laid back vibe to it. ANNNNDDD I learned that he’s a Stanford grad. Okay Janelle’s video got me like I really need to start yoga forrealforeal!

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    • poppedblackwomanblog says:

      You got me cracking up! Yeah, I’m still kinda iffy on his hair too lol! And girl, that yoga video had me going to Walmart the same week that I first saw it to get a yoga mat LOL. I hope she’s getting commission from yoga mat manufacturers for that song! I took a few prenatal yoga classes when I was pregnant and really liked it, but I’ve been struggling to get back into it. That song is my motivation tho–that and this crazy flexible black chick on instagram @yogaracheal Thanks so much for stopping by and showing some love. I’m heading over to your blog now.


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