Fearless Friday 05.01.15 (Speak Up)

This week I was afraid of…

Speaking my mind and voicing opinions that may be unpopular.

I’ve heard before that there are two things that you never discuss in polite conversation: politics and religion. These two topics can be very divisive. I think part of the reason for this is because our thoughts on these topics reach down to the core of who we are. These topics tap into our personal experiences, perspectives, worldviews, and the issues we care about. Listen instead of Talk Quote

Arguing about hot-button issues never seem to do any good. Either people don’t want to engage in these types of subjects or they are so entrenched in their own beliefs that they stop listening to those that think differently from them. When engaging in debates about issues we care about, we often focus on our next rebuttal instead of listening and seriously considering what was just said to us–at least I know that I can be guilty of this.

Sometimes, I’m afraid to really touch on those unpopular topics whether it’s on this blog, on my personal Facebook page, or in person with someone I care about that feels differently. Even though I love a good debate, sometimes I still feel like that little girl on the playground that can’t stand confrontation.

Today I remember…

It’s important that we tackle the hard topics if not for any reason but to learn how to empathize with those that have different perspectives than us. I don’t think any topic or political issue is more important than loving our neighbors as ourselves.

Whether or not my opinions are popular or unpopular, it is my duty to voice my opinion. Positive change doesn’t occur by accepting popular opinion or the status quo without question. Yet, we all must remember that it’s even more important to listen than to speak.

Let me know your fears and how you conquered them this week! Share in the comments or on Facebook. As always, stay popped 😉

4 thoughts on “Fearless Friday 05.01.15 (Speak Up)

  1. Toya says:

    I totally understand this feeling. I don’t know much about politics so I stay away. As for religion, I use to debate it when I was younger but not at all anymore. I am very passionate about issues of racism and arguing against police brutality. I have gotten into some heated arguments on FB with people concerning the matter, especially during the Ferguson situation. No I’ve been trying not so much to argue with people. I might Posta story and that’s it, the only person recently I’ve gotten into a debate with is a guy I know that is a cop.

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