The Positively Optimistic and Powerful Destiny


Destiny with her smoothie goodness

I’m humbled to introduce all of my positively optimistic & powerful people to Destiny from the Fit2Luv blog for the second installment of the Positively Optimistic & Powerful Women series. Destiny is a vegan nutrition and fitness blogger and a dear friend of mine. When she’s not inspiring people to lead a more healthy and fit lifestyle, she’s empowering people to demand fair pay and treatment as a labor organizer. Without further ado, let me introduce you to the one and only Destiny who never ceases to make me want to dream bigger and be better.

Popped Black Woman Blog: Thank you for taking the time to inspire us Ms. Destiny. Let’s start by telling us a little about yourself. I really respect the work you do as a labor organizer. Can you tell us about that?

Destiny: As a child I was mesmerized with the “Eyes on the Prize” series. I remember raiding my mom’s closet, donning her dashiki and asking her to cut my hair into an afro. Imagine that! Needless to say, grassroots organizing and political activism is something that has always been close to my heart.

My current field of work, Labor Organizing, has not only given me the opportunity to speak up for those who are not able to speak for themselves but also to empower those who may feel their voices don’t matter. In the future I would like to continue in this field by expanding my knowledge and moving forward within the labor movement.

PBWB: That’s great! I really respect your work to give voice to the voiceless. When did you become positively optimistic and powerful yourself?

Destiny: For me, being optimistic and powerful is an everyday conscious decision to live each day on purpose. There is not one specific calendar date that I could point out and say, “This is where it all began.” In fact, there were many days when I felt inadequate and just simply not good enough. I think a lot of that stemmed from focusing on pleasing everyone and subsequently failing myself in that process. Honestly, I have to say that it was the triumph from those hard and depressing moments that showed me who I really was and what I am made of.

Destiny's Vision Board

Destiny’s Vision Board

I am a visual person so one of the things [that] really helps me to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude on [a] regular basis is having little reminders posted around my home. It can be something as simple [as] an encouraging message on my fridge with alphabet letters or something more involved like a vision board made with cutouts from magazines. Another visual that helps is to have my goals posted somewhere I can see them daily. This visualization method not only helps to reinforce the positives and keep my eyes on the prize but it reminds me that it’s an everyday journey.

PBWB: What do you see as some of the biggest challenges facing young women and women today?

Destiny: I think one of the biggest issues that women face today is the battle of the mind. In today’s day and age, the pressure to be the perfect daughter, mother, and wife is at an all time high. With the rise of social media, false images of perfection and happiness are plastered everywhere and unfortunately have become the golden standard. Society tells us that happiness is a husband, two kids, a house, and a car. It shows us that perfection as a woman is determined by maintaining a good waist to hip ratio and making sure our eyebrows, outfit and edges are on “fleek” at all times.

Unfortunately, even after achieving those so-called “goals” it doesn’t bring the happiness that we expected because after a while our mind and our eyes tell us that we still need more.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be successful but when that desire overcomes us and takes control of us emotionally it becomes a problem. The Bible says as a woman thinketh in her heart so is she. Instead of looking to celebrities or Instagram or coworkers for validation of who we should be we should constantly be building ourselves up with God’s word. No longer can we allow the approval of others to dictate our feelings and attitude, we must learn how to encourage ourselves by saying what God says about us.

PBWB: I couldn’t agree more. What do you know now that you wish you knew when you turned twenty?

Destiny at her 20th birthday photoshoot. Workin' it!

Destiny at her 20th birthday photoshoot. Workin’ it!

Destiny: If I could have a heart to heart talk with 20 year old Destiny I would say: No matter what anyone tells you or doesn’t tell you, Destiny you are beautiful inside and out. Don’t be afraid to branch out and try new things and meet new people. Watch the company you keep! Your time is precious, don’t waste it. Don’t let rejection make you stagnant. You will never know what is beyond that door if you don’t walk through it!

PBWB: You just on here preaching today. I think all this truth has just slicked my edges all the way down. Wow. On a lighter note, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Destiny: In my free time, I enjoy doing DIY projects for my house, cooking new dishes and of course shopping! This year one of my goals is to be more “cultured” so I want to do things like read one book a month, visit the orchestra and catch a few Broadway shows. I also started a fitness and weight loss blog called “Fit2Luv” to help me stay motivated in my health journey.

PBWB: Awesome. Leave us with your favorite book, poem, song, or quote and why.

Destiny: One verse that speaks volumes to my life and personal experience is, “The race is not given to the swift but to those who endure til the end.” This verse is very empowering to me because it reminds me that my biggest competition is within. So instead of running myself ragged trying to keep up with the Joneses, I now purpose to live in the moment and focus on completing each task with excellence.

A beautiful vegan dish made by Destiny. Check out more pics and recipes at her blog, Fit2Luv.

A beautiful vegan dish made by Destiny. Check out more pics and recipes at her blog, Fit2Luv.

Wow, thanks so much to Destiny for stopping by and sharing so much truth with us! Be sure to leave any comments for Destiny below or on Facebook. Be sure to check her out on her blog at Fit2Luv. You can also keep up with all things Destiny at fitnflyydiva on Instagram and Fit2Luv on Facebook. Please soak up this encouragement and email me at if you or someone you know would like to be featured in this series. Stay encouraged folks! 😉