Jodeci and the Courage of the Comeback

I’m a firm believer that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams or start something new. I don’t think that there are any restrictions except for the ones we put on ourselves. We often are the only one standing in the way of us making a change. It’s always tough to stretch your neck out there unsure if you will succeed, but I imagine it’s even harder for a band like Jodeci who experienced enormous success during the early 90s’ New Jack Swing movement only to fade into near obscurity due to disbandment and drug/alcohol addiction. Imagine all the pressure and naysayers after coming back on the scene 20 years later! I’m a huge Jodeci fan and I give them major kudos for getting back in the saddle knowing that the music scene has changed so much since they left. I mean, you don’t even need to really know how to sing to have a hit record these days. I’m sure they know that their true fans will eat up whatever they put out there if it’s quality. I can barely remember the last time I bought an entire album, but they might make me hit up iTunes for this one. Let their comeback motivate you that no matter the obstacles and demons you have faced or still face, it’s never too late for a comeback!

Check out the video of their second single, “Every Moment.” This video is a bit dramatic just like their classic ones. I can dig it 😉

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