Strong and Sensitive

Happy Saturday to all my positively optimistic and powerful people! I hope you all are doing well. It’s been kind of an icky week for Little L and me. We’ve both been a little under the weather in one way or another. Yet, things have gotten much better. To brighten things up, her Dad brought home some Chinese food Friday. Besides having possibly the best egg roll with shrimp that I’ve ever had, I was also pleased by the message in one of the fortune cookies. I had been a bit in my feelings at times this week so this particular message moved me.


Usually, the words “strong” and “sensitive” tend to oppose one another. At least that was true for me growing up. I grew up un a home with an alcoholic parent and like most two-parent homes where one parent has an addiction, the other parent was often in denial about that addiction. I would even say that the other parent enabled the addiction. This is not a post to bash or blame anyone, but I believe that there is freedom and peace when we are real with ourselves. So many of us, myself included at times, go through life without calling a spade a spade or taking responsibility for our own actions and the actions we allow from others.

So, all of that to say that I remember crying about certain family situations and being told to “be stronger.” I was always made to think that being sensitive was a negative thing that had to be corrected. Being strong meant not showing emotion or letting stressful situations affect you. Now that I’m a bit wiser, I’ve learned to embrace those things about myself that others told me were weaknesses. I’ve realized that like Mr. Fortune Cookie says, it is possible to be strong and sensitive. I feel sensitive enough to feel compassion and hurt, but strong enough to withstand those emotions and carry on. There is strength in being emotional when we do not become paralyzed by it. So thank you Mr. Fortune Cookie for being right. I am strong and sensitive.

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