Enough is Enough of the Small Stuff

So it happened like this…I was giving the boogie baby a much-needed bath and she was playing with the tub strainer. Eventually, she threw it in the space between the tub and vanity cabinet-the land of no return. I smacked my lips and shook my head. The tub strainer really comes in handy since I’m known to clog up many-a drains while washing my thick hair.

I tried for several long minutes to get it out. I used my hand as far as it could go (just a few inches), then my wide-tooth comb, then a long spoon from the kitchen. But, nothing. If anything, I only managed to push the tub strainer further into the land of no return. I was flustered. While I was stressed about losing something that only costs about $1.50 at Walmart, my toddler was happy as can be in the bath tub, proud that she was “brushing” her little teeth by herself.

At that moment, I remembered a book I read in high school called Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff by Richard Carlson, Ph.D. Even though I don’t remember many of the specifics about the book, the title has never left my memory. There I was 10+ years later, sweating the small stuff.

Next time I’m in a situation where I’m stressed about something that doesn’t really matter I will do these 3 things:

1) Stop and breathe.
Sometimes when we’re just in the go-go-go mode (the life of a mom), we’re not thinking and most likely doing something that doesn’t have to be a priority at the moment. That brings me to my next point.

2) Ask myself if the task at hand is a priority.
I am the type of person that doesn’t like things to be out of place. Even when I have things in a mess, I call it an “organized mess” because I usually know where things are when I need them. If I see a sock that goes in the dirty clothes bin, I tend to stop what I’m doing to pick it up and put it where it belongs. This is great except that it interrupts the task I’m already doing. Does that sock really have to be put away asap? No.

3) Make a plan for how to fix the “little” thing that’s making me antsy.

After trying to get the tub drainer from the land of no return, I resigned to just pick up a new one on my next trip to the store. I made a note in my phone and kept it moving. No need to sweat about something so insignificant. Eventually, I probably will get the tub strainer from between the tub and the vanity cabinet, then I’ll have 2!

I’m simply tired of the unnecessary stress that I put on myself concerning things that don’t really matter that much. I would love to hear about how you guys prioritize and maintain peace of mind on a day-to-day basis. Let me know in the comments!

Until next time, stay P.O.P.ed 😉

2 thoughts on “Enough is Enough of the Small Stuff

  1. Aaron says:

    Great article. I agree. You just to put things in perspective and don’t sweat over little stuff. When my toddler throws food on the ground i get anxious because i know i have to clean it up. Just have to prioritize and get back to it.


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