When I Got Popped

This blog is the result of a major shift in my thinking, which took place a month or two before I turned 26 (my golden birthday I might add).

It’s hard to remember the exact moment when I got popped, but the impetus had to be reading The Power of Focus (see pic below) for the first time. I’d always read personal development here and there-an article or short book from time to time. Yet, before reading this book, I still struggled with negative thought patterns and a lack of confidence. For some strange, divine reason-maybe it was just the right time-The Power of Focus knocked me straight to the floor (not literally…I think). It made me realize that it is ONLY ME that has the power to change the things in my life that I don’t like.


Unknowingly and sometimes knowingly, I realized that I blamed other people, childhood experiences, depression, being black, being female, [insert any other excuse] for not living the life and being the type of person that I’ve always wanted to be.

All of those excuses stopped when I got popped.

Popped=the action of becoming a positively optimistic and POWERFUL black woman.

This blog will give you the very best from my brand-new personal development journey and the goal is for you to get POPPED and stay POPPED.

Get ready.

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