101 Things in 1001 Days

This page highlights my 101 Things in 1001 Days series on my blog. These are 101 simple and fabulous or somewhat challenging, but worth it goals that I have over the next 1001 days. Please stay tuned to my journey and share your own. My complete list of 101 goals are below.

Start Date: January 12, 2015 (final completion of list)

Completion Date: October 9, 2017 (I may just go ahead and give myself the entire month of October tho…)

101 in 1001

1. Build a profitable business
2. Travel to a city/location in the U. S. and outside the U.S. that I’ve never been before (1/2) July 2015
3. Have a reunion with my besties from college (July 2015)
4. Learn how to shoot a gun
5. Learn enough basic coding to make a website from scratch
6. Take a drawing class geared towards children’s literature
7. Take a cooking class
8. Become an advanced hair braider
9. Read a new book each month for 6 months straight
10. Start a garden

11. Become conversational in either Spanish or French
12. Get a makeover
13. Have a stylist consultation
14. Make a new friend
15. Go to a film festival
16. Participate in Bike the Drive
17. Eat a multiple course meal at a fancy restaurant
18. Become an advanced Yogi
19. Run a half-marathon
20. Get a real massage

21. Don’t say anything negative for a day
22. Become a member of a church (February 2015)
23. Create a family tradition
24. Write a personal mission statement
25. Write a play
26. Have a piece of writing published
27. Write a children’s book
28. Donate blood
29. Open an investment account/buy stocks and/or mutual funds
30. Create a will.

31. Become a wine expert
32. See a ballet
33. Learn to swim
34. Get flat abs

35. Get a nose ring again (April 2015)
36. Dye my hair and/or get a hair cut (March 2015)

37. Take one of those trendy paint and drink wine classes
38. Organize a potluck
39. Learn how to thread hair

40. Sip Brandy by a fireplace
41. Sell/donate my old books
42. Volunteer on a consistent basis for at least 3 months
43. Ride a Ferris Wheel at night with my hubby
44. Wear lipstick for a whole day

45. Make my own lotion (May 2015)
46. Make soap
47. Watch the sunrise
48. Kiss under mistletoe

49. Go for a bike ride with my toddler in tow
50. Host a game night
51. Potty train my daughter
52. Go to a concert (July 2015)
53. Take a pole dancing class with my  main bizzle, Takizzle

54. See an opera
55. Make cake and frosting completely from scratch
56. Pray with a stranger outside a church/religious setting
57. Make gumbo from scratch
58. Do a good deed without someone knowing
59. Send a care package to a college student

60. Learn how to enjoy working out without listening to ratchet music (May 2015)

61. Make a vlog entry and put it on YouTube
62. Have a real spa service done at a real spa (i.e. body wrap, facial, massage, anything!)
63. Reach one hundred followers on this blog (March 2015)
64. Find out how to read at a baby/toddler story time at the library
65. Do a real push up
66. See a live boxing match
67. Take a CPR refresher course
68. Make a cheesecake
69. Start the foster parent licensing process

70. Make a pair of earrings
71. Come up with a consistent Bible study plan and stick to it
72. Start/join a book club
73. Join a Toastmaster’s group
74. Attend a networking event or empowerment conference
75. Learn to step (a Chicago line dance)
76. Go to the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN
77. Watch a TED talk/other personal development video once a week for at least 3 months
78. Take Little L to a children’s museum (January 2015)
79. Create a cookbook with recipes from family members and friends

80. Research meditation and give it a try
81. Spit some poetry at an open mic event like I’m in “Love Jones”
82. Seriously research starting a food pantry at New Exodus Baptist Church (February 2015)
83. Clean out my “junk” room
84. Go at least a month without surfing the web on my phone before going to bed
85. Go one entire month without eating any fast food or dining in at any restaurants
86. Read 5 African/African American history books written by people of African descent
87. Clean out my Gmail and Yahoo email accounts and unsubscribe from junk mail that floods my inboxes
88. Upgrade my phone
89. Take a photography class

90. Feel cultured and special at Jazzin’ at the Shedd
91. Go to a concert with my mom
92. Take my husband to an NFL game
93. Redesign my blog (January 2015)
94. Reach 500 views in one month on my blog (January 2015)
95. Start an interview feature on my blog (January 2015)
96. Attend a blogging conference
97. Take a self-defense class
98. Buy 1 original piece of art
99. Have a date night where hubby and we do something we’ve never done before as a couple (not dinner and a movie, concert, the usual)
100. Buy a needed item from an African American-owned business (March 2015)

101. Donate 50 cents for every task completed and $1 for every task not completed to the American Cancer Society

Check out my recent blog posts for updates on any tasks already completed. Stay positively optimistic and powerful 😉

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